St. Petersburg
Documentary photographer based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Student of Academy of documentary photography “Fotografika” in Saint-Petersburg. Originally from a small town in the south of Russia, Elena appreciates the authenticity of the rural area and its traditions. The human place in society, PTSD emotions, and life in post-war and problematic regions are the main topics of her work. Elena’s work was published in Dodho Magazine, Takie Dela, Republic, and Regnum publishing. Elena is a silver prizer of Budapest international Contest 2020 in the student category. Also, her work was a part of the Ariano Film festival.
Stories by
Elena Kalyuzhnaya
Tea Women
Tea is one of the major discoveries from the East which completely transformed Western economies a few centuries ago. Unfortunately, as with many industries producing goods, we enjoy and can barely live without, exploitation is rife.
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