One Hundred Yards From Home

May 18, 2023

A photographic exploration of family relationships and an inquiry into connection, history and the fragility of the tie between mother and daughter.

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Azerbajiani Stories
In Azerbaijani Stories the photographer Onur Tatar had created what he calls composite portraits. These are the stories of ten people from Azerbaijan combined with their portraits and images of places of significance. As Tatar says, topography, or the arrangement of both natural and artificial physical features of an area,
Onur Tatar
The 2nd day. What it means to be there
Oleksandr Khomenko [] is a Kyiv-based photographer who shows life in Ukraine as it is in independent media like [] and Ukrainer []. For the second day, people with emergency bags and pets have been staying at the Kyiv subway stations. The entrance is free. Many people have found shelter at the ‘Politekhnichnyi Instytut’ metro station — the hall is full. They are sitting on their suitcases,
Oleksandr Khomenko
Beach Boulevard
Brian O’Neill is an Illinois-based sociologist and photographer whose work looks at the human condition and society’s relationship to nature. He investigates the various meanings of “industry” and how it affects local communities and environments. Beach Boulevard, his first photographic publication, is a small spiral-bound book in a small edition of 100. Rather than probing the typical documentary question “what’s going on here” it delves deeper and wonders how we actually got to our current sta
Brian O'Neil
Fire Corps
The concept (and practice) of voluntary work brings out the best of people. Volunteers not only don’t get paid, they also give their time, passion and effort to a cause that they believe is worth fighting for. Johan Brooks presents us with the story of the Fire Corps — groups
Johan Brooks
I worked with Mark for two years documenting his experience of homelessness, heroin addiction and recovery in south London
James Hopkirk
Butterflies and Caterpillars
The body of work takes a closely intimate look at the contemporary drag scene in the United States. It’s a photographic examination that looks at the notions of identity and how we construct the self in a space different from society’s pre-established gender-specific roles and expectations.
Ardelle Schneider
Legacy is a response to the impact of the year of City of Culture 2017 in her hometown of Hull, within the city’s spaces and places. The work is a synthesis of careful research done within the various communities and organizations involved that were affected during and after the impact of the year of culture.
Verity Adriana
Hors-Jeu (Offside)
When we think of homosexuality, the world had made huge leaps in recent years. Gay marriage is now legal in the US and the UK, protections from discrimination exist in law, gay people are allowed to adopt children — events that we have come to accept as normal, as they should
Hannah Cauhépé
Children of the war from evacuated maternity hospitals
First children of war are born. Maternity hospitals are evacuated to the basements in Kyiv and suburbs because of Russian Attacks with bombs. Neonatologists, reanimations, baby care sp
Sergey Baksheev
Chance Encounters in The Valley of Lights
Chance Encounters in the Valley of Lights tells the story of an unsolved extraterrestrial case from 1980s Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Photographer Rik Moran combines original imagery with never-before-seen archival material to investigate the possible alien abduction of PC Alan Godfrey. In illuminating one of small-town England’s most unlikely protagonists, Chance Encounters unearths another other-worldly mystery along the way.
Rik Moran

mnngful Originals

mnngful Members

Alan Gignoux

Documentary photographer born in the United States and now based in London. Gignoux has been working as a professional documentary photographer with photographic agencies and independently since 2000. He also works as a cameraman on documentary film projects. Recent film work includes “We made Every Living Thing from Water” and “A Letter from Venezuela.” His award-winning work has been exhibited all over the world.

Roxana Alison

Mexican-British photographer based in the United Kingdom with a socially driven focus whose work explores themes of place, belonging and identity. The personal experience is often my departure point to explore universal issues concerned with the human condition. Roxana has worked in the fields of photography and education for the past fifteen years and have extensive experience working with young people and underrepresented communities.

Amy Romer

Documentary photographer, journalist telling compelling stories that elevate issues around human rights, social justice and the environment – particularly climate change. That’s why I’m passionate about helping social purpose organizations tell powerful stories through photography and video.

Zak Waters

Photographer, Founder of CAMERA & Course Leader in FE Photography & Multimedia.

Philip Butler

Documentary photographer focusing primarily on capturing the remains of Great Britain’s inter-war architecture. Philip has published two books focusing on this work; ‘Odeon Relics’ (2019 on ADM) and London Tube Stations 1924-1961 (2023 on FUEL).

Daniel Hinks

Documentary photographer constantly fascinated by the human condition. I take on stories that I genuinely believe in, something that can pique my interest and curiosity, turning that energy outwards into creating a substantial body of work and concentrating on the resilience of the human spirit. I have a profound belief that the still image can change people’s minds. Even in today’s forever changing, fast-paced world of now! Gaining access to my subjects is imperative as it helps to achieve clarity and provides me with an opportunity for creative freedom.

Pippa Healy

Artist based in London Her practice responds to her personal history, to events which have impacted on her life. Her handmade ‘Zines’, raw and diaristic in style are central to her practice. Themes encompassing loss, longing, violence and grief are frequently referenced. Her work is held in private collections and has been exhibited in group and solo shows in the UK, France, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Sardinia, Turkey and Italy. Her zines have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions and in 2019 at Les Rencontres Arles Photo text Award. The books are sold in The Photographers Gallery in London, Cent Quatre in Paris and The Library Project in Dublin. The zines are also held at The Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol, The visual Library in New York and The Self publish Be Happy Library.

Louis Sartori

Independent Photojournalist and Writer focusing on matters of cultural obscurity, documenting groups/spaces on the borders of popular recognition.

Onur Tatar

Photographer based in Turkey, was born in 1984 in Canakkale. In 2008, he graduated from the Department of Photography of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) and with a Master of Arts degree at the DEU Institute of Fine Arts Department of Photography in 2021. Onur completed his PhD in Ege University Social Sciences Institute Radio Television and Film Department in which his thesis Hypertext and the Changing Aesthetics in Photographic Art. He works as an associate professor at the Adnan Menderes University Radio and Television Department, teaches photography and aesthetics. His artistic works have been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions.

Yassen Grigorov

Documentary photographer steadily establishing himself as an artist to follow and invest in, both in his home country of Bulgaria and in the United Kingdom, where he's based, having graduated with First Class Honours from the BA Photography course at the University of Westminster. His artwork is consistently featured in a variety of print and online publications and exhibitions, and his most recent project, "Exemplary Home" has won a second-place prize in its category at the prestigious 2020 International Photography Awards, third in the BECA Photography Awards, and has featured in the artist’s first solo show at KO-OP, Sofia.

Marc Wilson

Documentary photographer working on long-term documentary projects, such as his previous work, completed in 2014, ‘The Last Stand’ and his current work, ‘A wounded landscape’. Marc tells stories through his photography, focusing at times on the landscape itself, and the objects found on and within it, and sometimes combining landscape, documentary, portrait and still life, along with audio recordings of interviews and sounds, to portray the mass sprawling web of the histories and stories he is retelling.

Arun Khadayat

I am an experienced photographer with a passion for capturing the essence of a moment. My expertise leis in range of photography styles including Fashion, Portrait, Events, Product, Commercial and Sports photography. I have excellent technical skills, a keen eye for details, and the ability to conne

Edwin Ndeke

Humanitarian, portrait and documentary photographer based in Kibera, Nairobi "My work focuses on socio-economic, cultural, political and environmental issues depicting a wider spectrum of life."

Tommy Lee Grimmer

Photographer based in Norfolk, East of England. Predominantly working on short and long-term personal projects as well as accepting regular commissions of all sizes and budgets. His work specialises in representative documentary, personal identities and the relationships we form with different aspects of our lives.

Stuart Freedman

Commercial, editorial and travel photographer based between New Delhi and London working worldwide on a range of consumer brands with/without art direction.

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