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Ukraine. Beliefs against the evil

Covering the cruelest war in decades that hit Ukraine these photographers put their beliefs on top of own safety to record the evidence of tragedy and national resistance.


Curated by mnngful such publications offer the reader a comprehensive view on the subject through the eyes of different photographers with diverse attitudes and approaches to photography. We create such publication to record and report ttully meaningful matters that happen aroudn us in the world.

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Covering the cruelest war in decades, these photographers put their beliefs on top of their safety to record the evidence of tragedy and national resistance.‍

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While the world is watching a real and political battlefield in a mode of a permanent live stream, there are millions of Ukrainians who face the war or its consequences in person.

Some are fighting on the frontline, others are volunteering in the rear or forced to flee their homes and homeland. This war is undoubtedly the most online-covered event in modern history. We receive news in real-time captured on mobile phone cameras by witnesses from the scene. We also see the images and films offering carefully documented aftermath.

mnngful wants to tribute to each and every photographer who deliberately stays there to cover and report the evil of Russian invaders and the suffering, faith, and strength of Ukrainians. We want to show you stories and their authors, those standing on the other side of the lens, their human side, attitude, and beliefs.

The Project is on fundraising

Curated by mnngful and supported by our partners, sponsors and the community, we will bring the story to the world.

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Project plan

We will build an online and printed publication to tribute the photographers who risk their lives to cover the russian war against Ukraine

mnngful invites independent photojournalists working in Ukraine during the war to contribute to this publication.
Field work

Authors share their images and stories. We ask everyone to tell what stands behind and fuels their fearless work.

Every photographer is invited to participate in the selection, curation and editing process so everyone is aware of what's going to be published in the book. This process is to be held inside a closed community with some public ongoing updates.

mnngful provides full-cycle production, publushing and arrange crowdfunding campaign, seeking for sponsorhips to fund this publciation.

We call the community to support via making pre-orders and spreading the word about the projects.


€12,000 to get the 1st edition printed and delivered

We need to cover editorial, design, printing, and p&p costs. Every contributing photographer will be paid a commission. 50% of profits go towards a list of organizations supporting Ukraine which be listed here soon. The rest will help us to pay fees to our contributors and the team.

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A collective photography book by mnngful offering images and stories from and about independent photographers covering the war in Ukraine.
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Small contributions always works best

Any contribution will get us closer to the goal — to produce a strong story and promote it widely. The project will happen regardless the amount we collect, but the more we have the stronger story we build.

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