Dirt Road

January 30, 2022

The story covers the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela network of pilgrims’ ways that lead to the shrine of St. James the Great in Northern Spain. It’s a personal account of the photographer’s journey which lasted over 1000km throughout the spiritual passage.

Recent Stories
Legacy is a response to the impact of the year of City of Culture 2017 in her hometown of Hull, within the city’s spaces and places. The work is a synthesis of careful research done within the various communities and organizations involved that were affected during and after the impact of the year of culture.
Verity Adriana
While I Was Sleeping
While I Was Sleeping is the third part of a trilogy of projects that came out of that shift (the other two being After the Fact and Endless Plain). These projects, by and large, use documentary techniques and the resulting images look like documentary photographs, but they are not intended to document an event.
Tony Fouhse
The Sunshiners. Code Red in Green China
Plastic pollution may seem to be something that doesn’t have a monumental impact on our daily lives right now, but issues like climate change and pollution do not take a gradual curve. They do not have to slowly deteriorate, kindly giving us enough time to notice that something is
Daniel Hinks
The 2nd day. What it means to be there
Oleksandr Khomenko [https://www.facebook.com/oleksandr.khomenko] is a Kyiv-based photographer who shows life in Ukraine as it is in independent media like hromadske.ua [https://en.hromadske.ua/] and Ukrainer [https://ukrainer.net/en/]. For the second day, people with emergency bags and pets have been staying at the Kyiv subway stations. The entrance is free. Many people have found shelter at the ‘Politekhnichnyi Instytut’ metro station — the hall is full. They are sitting on their suitcases,
Oleksandr Khomenko
London '82
Sunil Gupta enrolled at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London in the early 1980s. Having access to colour negative printing at the college, the young photographer began to roam the streets of the Big Smoke searching for the epicentres of queer life — Earl’s Court, King’s Road,
Sunil Gupta
Butterflies and Caterpillars
The body of work takes a closely intimate look at the contemporary drag scene in the United States. It’s a photographic examination that looks at the notions of identity and how we construct the self in a space different from society’s pre-established gender-specific roles and expectations.
Ardelle Schneider
The project exposes the living conditions that Puerto Ricans have to endure such as natural catastrophes, limited government support and unstable electric service. Although the series began in 2013, it wasn’t until 2017 when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico that Saldaña realised the series is something more than just a personal project — it is a testament of the residence of the local population.
Annie Y Saldana
Edwin Ndeke’s body of work focuses on Kibera — one of the largest urban settlements in the world which is situated on the periphery of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital with a population of approximately 2.5 million. Poverty, disease and crime are not uncommon when discussing Kenya and Africa in
Edwin Ndeke
The losses to be never ever forgiven
No words and tears are enough. Evgeny Maloletka [https://www.evgenymaloletka.com/], a Ukrainian freelance photojournalist based in Kyiv, tells the story of the Mariupol attack via the death of a small girl who was brutally attacked with her parents. A list of answers to the questions "What can I do to help?" [https://www.mnngful.com/stand-with-ukraine] Reached Ukrainian friends, checked the sources and give you a list of options, direct links to organizations where to donate. The list is bei
Evgeny Maloletka
I worked with Mark for two years documenting his experience of homelessness, heroin addiction and recovery in south London
James Hopkirk
Zak Waters

Photographer, Founder of CAMERA & Course Leader in FE Photography & Multimedia.

Nieves Mingueza

Artist, based in London. Her conceptually driven and intimate practice often interweaves images with research, documentary photography, archival material, collage, text, film, and installation. Bridging the space between the personal and political, she explores and activates the archives to address social and gender issues. In 2019 her first monograph book was published by IIKKI books editorial. Her work has been exhibited widely including installations at Royal Academy of Arts, Saatchi Gallery, Copeland Gallery, Tate Britain (UK), Fondazione Giorgio Cini (IT) and PhotoEspana (SP), among others. Mingueza’s work has been reviewed by multiple magazines as Der greif, Lenscratch, Blind, L’oeil de la Photographie, Metal, All About Photo, Analog, Yogurt, fisheye, Witty and Lensculture, among others.

Verity Adriana

Visual artist who uses light, installation and photography to investigate the phenomenology of the metaphysical and existential. She has been a practicing and exhibiting artist for over a decade. Adriana was born in Hull, UK, and grew up around the world wherever her mother found work, including Spain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Adriana returned to Hull independently at the age of 14 to see herself through her final years at school and went onto establish herself in the regional arts community.

Dylan Halvorsen
Kempton Park, Gauteng

I am a South African based photographer, writer, and graphic designer. I am currently studying a BSc in IT and seeing where it takes me.

Arun Khadayat

I am an experienced photographer with a passion for capturing the essence of a moment. My expertise leis in range of photography styles including Fashion, Portrait, Events, Product, Commercial and Sports photography. I have excellent technical skills, a keen eye for details, and the ability to conne

Jan Enkelmann

Documentary, street and travel photographer He is dividing his time between commercial work and personal projects. Most of Jan’s photography work is concerned with observations of people in public spaces.

David Lintern

Photojournalist and writer working across the outdoor and environmental sectors, with over a decade of experience creating stories for organisations and magazines including National Trust for Scotland, Visit Cairngorms, John Muir Trust, BBC, the Guardian, Slow Ways as well as most of the UK outdoor press. I’m particularly interested in the links between place and people, and between natural and cultural history. David also works privately as a photo tutor and guide across the Highlands, and the author of The Big Rounds.

Ashima Yadava
San Franscisco

Photographer based in San Franscisco, California Born in New Delhi, India, Ashima now lives in San Francisco, California. She works in digital and analog methods including medium, and 4x5 large format. With the camera as her conduit, Ashima believes in art as a means to social activism and reform. Her work is rooted in documentary practice with a keen focus on issues of gender equality, race, and social justice. Like If Hands Could Speak, which deals with domestic violence in the South Asian community in the Bay Area.

John Angerson

Documentary and portraiture photographer, based in London He started his career in the early 1990s, covering the fall of the Berlin Wall and the changing geopolitical landscape of Eastern Europe. Since then, his work has continued to explore the different languages of documentary photography, focusing on how specific communities form, shift and develop. His projects have garnered critical acclaim and have been exhibited at major art institutions in the UK and overseas.

Jim Mortram

Social Documentary Photographer and the creator of these photo stories: Small Town Inertia.

Timo Knorr

Documentary photographer focused on the photographic research of groups that move in a field of tension of the social conflicts of the current time. I am looking for the questions: How do we want to live today, how do we want to eat and how can we make our world a little bit better.

Zak Dimirtov

Photographic artist, writer and educator Having successfully completed an MA in Photography Arts at the University of Westminster and a BA (Hons) Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth, he is now pursuing a PGCE in Art and Design at UCL Institute of Education. Zak’s practice is concerned with memory, mortality, loss, and time. He has worked at various art schools, universities, galleries and photo labs as well as contributed to written publications (ASX, Der Greif, Paper Journal, and others).

Anne Erhard

Photographer based in London, UK born in Munich, Germany. Anne is currently studying at MA Photography Arts, University of Westminster and has previously graduated Photography, London College of Communication, Art & Design Foundation, London College of Communication.

Sushavan Nandy

Documentary photographer based in Kolkata, working primarily with Barcroft Media. His work focuses on issues of climate change, human crisis, society, and culture. His works have been published in various international publications which include The Guardian, Daily Mail, CNN among many. Sushavan lives in Naihati town in West Bengal, India and is currently working on long-term photographic works.

Fiona Neil
Moreton In Marsh

When receiving an old fashioned Canon camera at 16 I realised the power of showing people different perspectives of the world, documenting them with photography. I am passionate and dedicated about producing emotional, resourceful content that can educate and document the world for people.

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