One Hundred Yards From Home

May 18, 2023

A photographic exploration of family relationships and an inquiry into connection, history and the fragility of the tie between mother and daughter.

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Azerbajiani Stories
In Azerbaijani Stories the photographer Onur Tatar had created what he calls composite portraits. These are the stories of ten people from Azerbaijan combined with their portraits and images of places of significance. As Tatar says, topography, or the arrangement of both natural and artificial physical features of an area,
Onur Tatar
A Rural Lifeline
Joanne Coates is a photographic storyteller from a working-class background. Based between Yorkshire and Scotland, she depicts everyday stories with a documentary approach. Apart from this, Coates has also done work in the commercial sector with clients including the BBC, Vice, Financial Times, The Guardian, and more. Coronavirus: A Rural Lifeline in North Yorkshire shows how rural communities, away from the hub of the big city, managed to cope with isolation when social distancing became the n
Joanne Coats
London '82
Sunil Gupta enrolled at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London in the early 1980s. Having access to colour negative printing at the college, the young photographer began to roam the streets of the Big Smoke searching for the epicentres of queer life — Earl’s Court, King’s Road,
Sunil Gupta
Soul Calling
Soul Calling is a collection of photographs taken between 2016 and 2019 along the coast of Northeast Japan.
Pengkuei Ben Huang
The Corona Couch
Nicola Lewis-Dixon is a multidisciplinary artist and photographer whose primary focus is the taboo subjects facing women in their everyday lives. She used the sofa in her family home as an anchor for what would eventually become her hugely prolific project The Corona Couch. When Dixon and her family found themselves locked in as millions of others around the world in March 2020 she thought that this would provide an opportunity like no other to explore family relationships and their intricacies.
Nicola Lewis-Dixon
Holidays — The Wait
Floriana Avellino captures the joy of going on a holiday and its little, often unnoticed moments in her project The Wait. The body of work focuses in particular on the moments before departure, which are often ignored as the main part of the “real” holiday tends to be what interests most.
Floriana Avellino
The project exposes the living conditions that Puerto Ricans have to endure such as natural catastrophes, limited government support and unstable electric service. Although the series began in 2013, it wasn’t until 2017 when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico that Saldaña realised the series is something more than just a personal project — it is a testament of the residence of the local population.
Annie Y Saldana
Coastal Mammoth
The 2011 tsunami caused an unprecedented amount of damage, chaos and grief. Everyone in Japan was affected in one way or another. The Japanese government soon began to erect a gigantic wall at the cost of billions in the northeast region of the country after the earthquake that caused the tsunami.
Pengkuei Ben Huang
Hors-Jeu (Offside)
When we think of homosexuality, the world had made huge leaps in recent years. Gay marriage is now legal in the US and the UK, protections from discrimination exist in law, gay people are allowed to adopt children — events that we have come to accept as normal, as they should
Hannah Cauhépé
How western part of Ukraine helps refugees from the attacked areas
Serhiy Gudak from the city of Uzhorod, Ukraine. The western region of Ukraine is well known for its hospitality. Nice food and people. Today, millions of people are moving to the west from the areas which are bombarded by Russian troops. The road can take 20-40 hours. Most people travel light - only documents, cell phones, and their loved ones. A list of answers to the questions "What can I do to help?" [] Reached Ukrainian friends, checked the sour
Serhiy Gudak

mnngful Originals

mnngful Members

Zak Waters

Photographer, Founder of CAMERA & Course Leader in FE Photography & Multimedia.

Johan Brooks

Documentary and street photographer based out of Tokyo, Japan. Born in the UK, he grew up in NYC, and eventually found his way to Japan where he has been living for over 10 years. He is a member of the VoidTokyo photography collective. His photography is on permanent display at the Crunchyroll HQ in San Francisco and was recently exhibited at Terranova House in Tokyo.

Nathan Benkemoun

Nathan Benkemoun (1983) is a French photographer born in Nice and based in Montreuil (France). In his work, he tries to illustrate how people interact with environment such as nature, cities or open spaces. He also works in making concrete some common human feelings and sensations.

James Hopkirk

Documentary photographer, journalist. Began his career as a local newspaper reporter in Kent before moving to The Sunday Times and ITV. Spent six years as Editor of IdeasTap, a charity that helped young people to build careers in the arts and media. As a freelance writer and photographer James worked on stories in Afghanistan, Benin, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, India, Rwanda, Somalia and Uganda.

Hussain Ali

British-Iraqi documentary photographer based in London. His work is rooted in our connection to the land and social identity. He is interested in documenting stories that inspire us to consider our relationship with nature and wildlife.

jose artur macedo
Ponte de Sor

Self-taught photographer, based in Ponte de Sor (PT)

Paco Poyato

Visual artist with interest in issues related to the current consumer society and globalization. His aim being reflecting how these two concepts alter his closest reality, understanding globalization as the loss of the individual’s identity, in favor of a model that responds to criteria closely linked to the control of power and banality. To date, his work specializes in delving into the reality of different human groups that are created around a common cause that identifies them as such. A vision characterized by photographing human collectives that have shared common experiences that, in some way, serve to build, mark and also define the individual identity of its members.

Philip Butler

Documentary photographer focusing primarily on capturing the remains of Great Britain’s inter-war architecture. Philip has published two books focusing on this work; ‘Odeon Relics’ (2019 on ADM) and London Tube Stations 1924-1961 (2023 on FUEL).

Pippa Healy

Artist based in London Her practice responds to her personal history, to events which have impacted on her life. Her handmade ‘Zines’, raw and diaristic in style are central to her practice. Themes encompassing loss, longing, violence and grief are frequently referenced. Her work is held in private collections and has been exhibited in group and solo shows in the UK, France, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Sardinia, Turkey and Italy. Her zines have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions and in 2019 at Les Rencontres Arles Photo text Award. The books are sold in The Photographers Gallery in London, Cent Quatre in Paris and The Library Project in Dublin. The zines are also held at The Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol, The visual Library in New York and The Self publish Be Happy Library.

Stuart Freedman

Commercial, editorial and travel photographer based between New Delhi and London working worldwide on a range of consumer brands with/without art direction.

Callum O'Keefe

Documentary photographer focused on the relation between people and place. Building the base of my portfolio on live music, he has recently graduated with a First Class Honours in Photography from The University West of England.

Sean McDonnell

I've been practising street photography since the 1980s. A south Londoner by birth pre-occupied with the West End in black and white on film. Lockdown was an epiphany for me. I started documenting my neighbourhood to raise money for food banks with books and working with local community groups.

Onur Tatar

Photographer based in Turkey, was born in 1984 in Canakkale. In 2008, he graduated from the Department of Photography of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) and with a Master of Arts degree at the DEU Institute of Fine Arts Department of Photography in 2021. Onur completed his PhD in Ege University Social Sciences Institute Radio Television and Film Department in which his thesis Hypertext and the Changing Aesthetics in Photographic Art. He works as an associate professor at the Adnan Menderes University Radio and Television Department, teaches photography and aesthetics. His artistic works have been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions.

Roxana Alison

Mexican-British photographer based in the United Kingdom with a socially driven focus whose work explores themes of place, belonging and identity. The personal experience is often my departure point to explore universal issues concerned with the human condition. Roxana has worked in the fields of photography and education for the past fifteen years and have extensive experience working with young people and underrepresented communities.

Sabrina Jeblaoui

Documentary and street portrait photographer based in Berlin. Started discovering the role electronic and techno music played within the party scene in Berlin since she moved there in 2017 and has decided to take photographs of people in front of clubs. NachtClubsBerlin is Sabrina’s first complete photo project. It gathered more than 28K followers on its Instagram account and caught the attention of several magazines, newspapers, as well as TV channels such as ZDF MorgenMagazin, Tagesspiegel,, Mix Mag, Vice, and more.

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